RFID based Inventory Tracking System

Do you have trouble tracking inventory movements?

Are you unaware of currently available stock at your warehouse?

AOPL’s RFID based Inventory Tracking Solution is a state of the art solution that provides monitoring and visibility into the internal as well as external operations of the Inventory Lifecycle. It provides a complete view of the inventory and its location within the zones where RFID readers are installed. It also tracks every inventory movement inside and outside of the premise, thus giving detailed reports on each item’s status.

Challenges faced by Organizations in Tracking Inventory


Key Features of RFID based Inventory Management Solution

Every item is affixed with an RFID tag and RFID readers are place at strategic points where the inventory movement is to be tracked. Each item within the predetermined location is tracked by the RFID reader and data is updated to the server.

RFID technology eliminates the need of manual stock taking which is most time consuming as well as not cost effective. Handheld RFID reader can scan through multiple items in a single go and update you regarding the current stock for each item.

The real time visibility provided by RFID Inventory Management system can help an organization in understanding the usage cycle of a stock item and predicting the reorder level of the item. Reports are available in the system regarding the current status of each stock item and managers can plan the orders beforehand.

Locating an item you need in the warehouse can be a tedious task if done manually. RFID technology based Inventory management system can help you with this. RFID tags on inventory items emit waves as soon as they come within the vicinity of an RFID reader. This helps you in locating a missing inventory in no time.

Apart from tracing and tracking inventory, every firm would like to see reports detailing actual inventory cycle from production to the point of sale. AOPL’s inventory management system presents you with inventory wise reports, its current location, inventory level and other details.

AOPL’s inventory management system will enable you to check which item is available at what location and in what quantity without wasting much time and effort. Your inventory system is completely automated using RFID technology. This can minimize human intervention and your human capital can be put in more productive activities.

RFID readers can easily locate any missing inventory item. Also, if an inventory is moved without authorization, an alert is generated. This keeps a check on unauthorized handling of stock in the RFID enabled premise.

How does Inventory Tracking System work?

inven track icon 1

Inventory Items are tagged with relevant details.

inven track icon 2

Items are moved from one location to other or within the same location.

inventrack icon 3

Inventory Record is updated to server with its current location, value and shift date.

inventrack icon 4

Inventory is tracked by RFID Reader as it moves out of the facility.

Inventrack icon 5

RFID Handheld reader is used for auditing inventory across the premise.

Reports generated by Inventory Management Solution

Exception Report
Matching Report
Lost Inventory Report
Total Inventory Report
Moved Inventory Report

AOPL RFID based Inventory Tracking System Videos



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What does the RFID Based Inventory Management solution system include?

RFID Based Inventory Management solution includes RFID Hardware components such as transponders, writers, readers, hand held devices, peripherals and software components i.e SeekSoft application licenses for various modules & middleware.

Does the Software license expire?

Our implementation engineers activate the license serial number purchased. The codes generated from this activation will only work on the software version released at the time of activation. This code will never expire for the purchased version. We recommend that you make a backup of the installation file on a CD or USB drive that can be used to reinstall the software at a later date if needed. We also recommend that you keep a copy of your registration code. The licenses are only valid for the solution bundle, which has been purchased by you. The license is a perpetual license but in case of hardware getting obsolete there would be a renewal charge involved with every new device to be integrated.

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